Coffee Roasting Solutions is a start up company in South Florida, dedicated to produce high quality specialty coffee.

Our trade name for the roasted coffees is NXTWAVE COFFEE.

Before we talk about our products, I would like to tell you a little bit about our business.

I am a 64 years old Civil Engineer by education, originally from Brazil, and living in Florida since 1996. My professional career was in the mining business working as an executive for a multinational chemical company.

In 2003, I decided to start my own company, selling products for the mining operations in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

About 2 years ago, I was traveling in Brazil on business, and had the opportunity to meet with a family of immigrants that have a roaster company in Curitiba, south of Brazil. I tried their coffee and thought that it was the best coffee I ever had in my life.

At that time, my daughter Veronica was starting up a vegan restaurant in Wynwood, Miami area.

Veronica is vegan for 13 years now. She previously had a vegan bakery (Peace-a-Cake) and a wellness center called Love Live Wellness Center in Miami. She also runs an event called Conscious Bite Out, where people get together to enjoy conscious food and socialize.

I started bringing some roasted coffee from Curitiba to her new restaurant, that also have a coffee shop in the back.

I started getting interested in specialty coffee and started learning and developing an idea to get into the coffee business.

Two years have passed, and we are about to introduce our coffees in the US market.

The concept behind the trade name NXTWAVE is the 3 waves of coffee in the US. We still may not know what the next coffee wave will be, but we know what we want to be: a conscious supplier of high-quality coffee, with a direct relationship with the farmers that are also worried about their people and the Planet. We want to supply what the customers want, so they can enjoy coffee the way they love it.

For the past two years, we have looked for the best coffees and farmers that are aligned to our principles. That family from Curitiba helped us meet with the coffee producer and we started bringing green beans to the US.

Also, in our search for green bean suppliers, we found a company that fitted perfectly in what we are doing. They have 4 farms in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, where they produce a high altitude, excellent variety of coffees, using different processes. They are a vertical company with 2 warehouses in the US, where they bring and store their green coffee.

You will appreciate the way they take care of their people and local communities. One of their coffees is called “Para Ela”, that in Portuguese means “For Her”. All the cherries are hand picked exclusively by women of Campos Altos, to empower the women workforce of the region. This increased the household income in the region by 85%.

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We are currently roasting our coffee in Fort Lauderdale, by a third-party roaster. This is the first stage of our business plan.

Our collection is called CELEBRATE. There is always a reason to celebrate, right? Celebrate LOVE, Celebrate LIFE, Celebrate MORNING, Celebrate HOLIDAYS, etc. And our signature ESPRESSO BLEND and SPECIAL EDITION are the top of the line…